Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Game

 I've been working on planning another Parent's Night out for church/daycare.  Every year we do one at Valentine's day and I'm sad to say my games each year are very much the same.  (Thankfully the kids don't seem to care).  So this year I decided it was time to change it up.  Off to Pinterest I went.  I'm still not totally sold on the idea of Pinterest but I've started some is growing on me.  I found this idea for a "Bee Mine" game.  Balloons and paddles...sounds totally fun for 2-5 year olds right?  I thought so too.  Our small kids love balloons anyway but I wanted something a bit different.

First I made the paddles...plates from the dollar tree and usually our dollar tree has the large craft sticks but this time they only had foam ones.  So I had to spend a little extra for them at Wal-mart.  They are holding up pretty well with our test run so I expect I will be able to use them again (Yes Kids, you will see this game again I'm sure.) 
Next I made the bees. 
Then I let the boys try it out.  Excuse my messy house in the background.  Today is cleaning day but this is way more fun right now.
I hope the kids have at church have as much fun as my kids had with this game.

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