Thursday, October 11, 2012

A few math ideas for all ages.

 A couple days ago I posted about this cute things I found at the dollar tree and had laminated.  I've made math activities for different ages using them.  Here are some things you could do with them.
This one I'm planning to use for the little kids, (pre-k to 1st grade)
This one I also plan on using for the little kids.
The next two I'm planning to use for Kyle.  Although he is 11 and in advanced math I don't want station time for him to be like school.  I don't want everything to be stressful.  He can do much larger problems than these but sometimes review of basic facts are good too.  So...these could be used for 4th or 5th grade or 6th grade as a review.
Here is how I decided to store these for now anyway.  I haven't tried them yet with the kids in these storage packages.  I'm not sure they will hold up.  I put the name of the activity at the top so I can quickly thumb through my box without having to pull everything out.

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