Saturday, October 6, 2012

Painting station

My first station idea to share is a basic one.  Who has time for in depth stuff all the time, sometimes just a quick go to something is what we need. 

At the end of the back to school sales I found some water color sets on clearance for .25.  I grabbed those up.  For us, it is best to have 1 set per kid (ours are labeled, you are only allowed to use yours), no one wants to share with Zach, all his colos are mixed.  I also, like many of you probably, have an over abundance of coloring books (if you don't, the dollar store has tons of them for only $1).  I tear out a bunch of pages, some girly some not.  I make sure to have at least 2 per kid per station time.  Erica (7) takes longer, she takes her time and hers look beautiful. Shane (6) just likes to do as many as he can :)  There is also a great website I use often for coloring pages.  One of my favs, it has a little bit of everything.  Painting is one of their favorite activities, probably because we don't do it often :)

I plan to include pictures for most of my station times but I haven't figured that out just yet, nor do I have pictures yet, nor do I want to wake up any kids to demonstrate.  Hopefully within the next few posts I will be able to include some pictures.  I think you can figure this one out without them though :)

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