Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm excited about this great find.

Check out these cool sets I found at the dollar tree.  (Love that store, I get so many good things from there.  I love that they have started carrying teacher stuff).  There were 12 of each design in each pack (12 peanut butter, 12 jelly, etc.)  I love that they are so cute and colorful and best of all that they were only $1. per pack.

I haven't quite decided how to use them but I have a couple matching activities in mind.  Stop back buy to see how I ended up using them.  I laminated them ahead of time.  I heard from a teacher friend that if you use a permanent marker after something has been laminated you can clean it off with a magic eraser.  I haven't yet tried this but I figured this way I could give it a try for myself.  If it works, I can change the content of my matching activities.

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