Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 10

Day 10 we will be enjoying some candy canes while reading The Legend of the Candy Cane.  If you have never read it you can read it here.  I love how you to use the candy cane as a way to share Jesus with kids. 

After we read this story we will make some peppermint bark (although not a traditional recipe). 
 I really despise peppermint flavor so I decided to go only with melted chocolate sprinkled with crushed candy canes (a traditional recipe would also add peppermint extract).  We will make both milk chocolate and white chocolate bark.
While our bark is hardening up we will make this cute craft I found at Catholic Icing.  You can find an explanation here if you want to make it too.  I'm going to encourage our kids though to stripe the candy according to the story :)
After we have finished our craft we will enjoy our peppermint bark.  I'm expecting it to be a great night :)

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