Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas countdown day 3

For Day 3 of our Christmas countdown we will all gather after dinner and decorate the Christmas tree.  Because we get a real tree we wait a couple days after getting it to let it settle.  Sounds weird I know but it is what we do. 

Here are some pictures of our tree decorating last year.

For some reason the bottom is a favorite spot to hang the ornaments.  We did have to move some around so that the presents could go under the tree.

Since I was a child we have always had another tradition...advent calendars.  Every other night the kids all get a small gift.  These gifts usually consist of something Christmasy we picked up the previous year after Christmas on clearance for .25.  Sometimes it is a coloring book, sometimes a piece of Christmas jewelry for the girls, sometimes a little trinket, or sometimes a little toy.  However, on Christmas tree decorating night (this just started a couple years ago) they get an ornament in their advent calendar.  (Most of the time we are able to pick up ornaments after Christmas the previous year on clearance).

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