Thursday, November 8, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Day 1

Our Countdown to Christmas has begun.  Well, not technically, we won't actually start until December 1 but I'm going to be sharing our plans with you ahead of time so that you can join us if you feel inspired to do so.

First of all I'm using the fireplace to display our envelopes.  Each day the kids will open an envelope that will reveal our Christmas activity for the day.  Here is our first envelope...

On December first (or the first Saturday in December, as is our tradition for years now) we pack a picnic lunch, load everyone up in a couple cars (there are many of us) and head about an hour away to a Christmas tree farm to find the perfect tree to go at my mom's house (I personally use a fake tree at my own house, less mess :) ).  We spend a couple hours running through trees, making abnoxious suggestions and serious suggestions as to which tree we should pick. 

After we have decided upon one, each kid gets a turn trying to cut the tree down. After the tree has fallen we take a family picture around the tree.
Later that same night we also go to a Christmas parade.  We usually pack some hotdogs wrapped in foil to keep them warm and eat dinner there since you have to go about an hour before it starts to get a good spot. 

The whole day is a lot of fun.  It is a great way to start our countdown to Christams.

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