Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 12

Day 12 is a Wednesday.  We have church that night so we will do our countdown activity before after school but before we head to church for dinner.  We are going to be making a special snack.  This is not a creation of my own.  I saw this idea in a magazine but I love it so I'm sharing it.
Here is what you will need: 
a plate
pretzel twists
yellow circle gummies (I looked at several stores and couldn't
find yellow ones, I ended up with orange life saver gummies (this is
for the halo))
ice cream cones
a banana
large marshmallows
(this picture shows a bowl of water...according to my recipe
you were supposed to use it to help the pretzels stick to the didn't work for me)
1.  insert a toothpick into the ice cream cone. 

2.  Attach a marshmallow to the toothpick and add another toothpick into the marshmallow.

3.  Add the pretzel "wings".  I just jammed mine in...they stayed long enough. :)

4.  Add a slice of banana for the head.
5.  Add a gummy halo.  Enjoy your creation :)

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