Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Countdown Day 15

Day 15...Snowball fight and a scavenger hunt.  I'm praying it doesn't rain this day.  Both activities can be done inside but would be way better outside.
When I was telling someone about this they asked how in Florida are we going to have a snowball fight. sometimes just have to get creative.  Awhile back I bought a case of copy paper at Office Max for 1 cent.  Love when they have those sales there.  So we are going to use one pack of the paper and wad it up for snowballs.  Wasteful?  Yes, very.  But also very fun :)
We will also do a scavenger hunt.  I love scavenger hunts.  For this particular scavenger hunt I have these puzzles (I have saved these for years, originally I purchased them from Oriental Trading.) 

 I wrapped each individual puzzle piece in a box (I've been saving and having friends and family save boxes for sometime now) and wrapped each of the 15 pieces per kid in their own individual kind of paper.  For example, 1 kid will find 15 boxes wrapped in this red snowman paper.  The boxes will just be hidden around the yard (or the house if it rains).  The kids will search the yard collecting their 15 boxes, open them and assemble their puzzle.  The first one done wins (they don't win anything except bragging rights but they love it). 
Happy Hunting!

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